One of the neat things about living here in Hendersonville is the opportunity for outdoor adventure. While I’ve lived here over thirty years, I’m still finding hikes that lead me to places that are unforgettable.

Recently, an old high school bud and I climbed to Sam’s Knob, a 6,000 foot peak that’s close to the Shining Rock Wilderness Area. What with a much cooler temperature at that altitude (70 degrees vs. 90!) and the 360 degree view, the summit was well worth reaching! And, as an added summertime bonus, ripe blueberries and blackberries along trailside tasted great! The trail to the summit was a little strenuous, but very doable.

To reach Sam’s Knob, park in the Shining Rock Wilderness Area parking area, off the Blue Ridge Parkway, and follow the signs.